Georges Medawar
Director of Strategic Development

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Georges is responsible for strategic planning and development of the AuditChain Brand. Georges joined the Company on June 16, 2017. He holds a bachelor degree in Banking and Finance, as well as a masters in Global Public Policy. Georges served as Business Development Officer with the Humaniq project, a 4th generation mobile bank. He is a researcher of political economy in a wide spectre of global issues with a concentration on the effects of disruptive technologies, especially Cryptocurrency/Blockchain, Drones, AI, IoT, and VR/AR/MR. George started his career in assurance and fraud investigation at Ernst & Young. While there, he realised how much of the tasks were redundant and still conducted in an analog fashion. AuditChain for him is a project which takes merges all the financial technologies needed for enabling the continuous audit needed in a 21st century economy. Georges is a researcher who addresses the challenges of present and future technological automation, mitigating social risks through the development of sound policies and vocational programs targeting job obsolescence and further skill recalibration as part of societal sustainable development. Georges is a frequent lecturer on “Politics of Innovation” at RANEPA. Co-founder of the Omnistry Project, a creative P2P collaborative platform.