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Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin. But who invented the blockchain? Here, watch this exclusive interview from Cryptorich. Blockchain’s co-inventors, Dr. Stuart Haber and Dr. W. Scott Stornetta discuss their early work. Dr. Stuart Haber is currently Auditchain’s Chief Scientist.

The Future of Assurance

23 years ago, the financial services industry beamed itself into the hearts, minds and souls of a new breed of investor. Remember Stewart in the Ameritrade commercial? Although the original FinTechs suffered from the dot com bust like everyone else, they not only survived but they became the new financial establishment. Do you know how? Repetition,
Auditchain Co-Founder, Jason Meyers and Eric Cohen, Head of XBRL Architecture for Auditchain to Speak at Consensus: Invest 2017 hosted by CoinDesk New York, NY — November 21, 2017 — Auditchain Co-Founder, Jason Meyers, has been confirmed as a speaker at Consensus: Invest 2017 at New York’s Marriott Marquis on November 28, 2017. The event,

The Space Between

I worked for McDonald’s when I was a kid. In addition to teamwork, the other thing I took away that never left me was; “clean as you go”. The first task I was charged with when I went to work on Wall Street in March of 1988 was to compile the annual reports of the