An audit involves an examination of financial and non-financial information to form an opinion on the financial statements of an entity. The primary purpose of an audit is to ensure that the management of an organization is carrying out its fiduciary duty in the shareholder-management relationship. The Evolution of Audits Audits have a very long
Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin. But who invented the blockchain? Here, watch this exclusive interview from Cryptorich. Blockchain’s co-inventors, Dr. Stuart Haber and Dr. W. Scott Stornetta discuss their early work. Dr. Stuart Haber is currently Auditchain’s Chief Scientist.

The Future of Assurance

23 years ago, the financial services industry beamed itself into the hearts, minds and souls of a new breed of investor. Remember Stewart in the Ameritrade commercial? Although the original FinTechs suffered from the dot com bust like everyone else, they not only survived but they became the new financial establishment. Do you know how? Repetition,